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Here's Why I Stopped Talking About Nutrition (As an NTP)

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Over the past week or so during my trip to Colorado, i’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my business, my brand, and my message. (These are the things I think about on “vacation” - ha!)

I also realize that a majority of you found me through my previous blog posts or courses on Nutrition, which is why I felt like it was time to explain the real reason I stepped away from anything nutrition-related in my business.

As some of you may know, I struggled with anorexia and exercise addiction for many years prior to becoming an NTP. My food obsession took many different forms over the course of time - starting with low-calorie/deprivation, then to low-carb, then to high-fat, then to paleo. These “healthy” (yet still restrictive) ways of eating helped me feel much better than my previously malnourished counterpart, which led me to a career in Nutrition, to help others use food as a means of healing.

Looking back now though, i’m not 100% sure if my desire to work in the field of Nutrition was actually because I loved nutrition, or if because I SO wanted to hold onto my food obsession, even as I became healthier.

If i’ve learned anything in the past 2 years, it’s that once something no longer feels in right to me, I have to stop, immediately, or it eats at my soul. (Sounds dramatic, but it’s true)

So when I found myself constantly telling women what they should be eating “gluten free!” “avoid dairy” “avoid processed foods and stay away from sugar!” I started to feel completely out of alignment (and seriously icky). 

The messages that I was telling other women to do to find health, were the exact reason that I was STILL unhealthy.

YES. I am an NTP and I STILL have health issues. And no, going on an elimination diet, or avoiding nightshades, or eating more fat or more carbs or taking out caffeine or supplementing with collagen and ashwaganda didn’t fix me. Trust me, i’ve tried.

Yes, i’m an NTP and I STILL have health issues.

What IS healthier for me? Having absolutely no restrictions on the food that I eat. Eating as much as I want, and sometimes more than I want. Eating gluten for breakfast, even though I know it’s not the “cleanest” option, and grabbing a sandwich at the airport because fast food is healthier for me than starving.

I’ve stepped away from talking about nutrition, because if i’m being honest, I thought that nutrition was THE WAY to perfect health. The way to success. The way to happiness. And as it turns out, focusing on nutrition accomplished none of those things.

Want to know what DID lead to success, happiness and improved health?

NOT caring so much about what I put in my mouth. Pursuing my passions. Prioritizing fun over exercise. Sharing my REAL life with people.

I SO badly wanted to blame my almost-lifelong battle with fatigue on the fact that I had leaky gut or some sort of obscure food sensitivity - but the truth is that my fatigue was being caused by years of hard work and obsession that were not in alignment with what REALLY sets my soul on fire.

How do I know? Because once I started my own business, moved to where I wanted to live, and followed my dreams of traveling the world, I haven’t felt fatigued. Not once. (Ok except that one time we stayed up until 4am in Paris, but….#worthit)

And just because I don’t talk about nutrition in the same, “mainstream” way anymore doesn’t mean that I will never talk about it again....

...But i’ve also come to accept the fact that maybe my nutrition “message” may not be mainstream, popular, or even helpful to most people - and that’s ok - because my message is not for everybody. I am not for everybody. And neither are you.

My nutrition “message” is not for everybody. I am not for everybody, and neither are you.

And I know there are a TON of women out there who feel exactly the same way that I do right now, that have tried every gut healing protocol and elimination diet, and that STILL don’t have energy, or get their period, or enjoy life because they are too concerned about what’s going in their mouth.

So for now, i’m over it. (Maybe forever, maybe not).

I am going to continue to focus on the things that light me up and energize me: talking about online business building, social media, minimalism, and travel. And when it comes to nutrition, i’m not using any labels. I’m going to eat what I want, when I want it, even though that scares the shit out of me.

Because i’ve learned that things that scare the shit out of you, usually have the best outcome.

Tell me: what is the "healthiest" thing for you?



Intuitive Eating Is Great - But What If I Can't Trust My Body?


Lately i’ve found myself at a bit of a crossroads with the message of this blog, and the direction that I want it to go.

I am constantly learning, evolving, and changing, and it only seems fitting to me that my blog posts reflect that. Being authentic and real is the backbone of Rebelle Nutrition, and when what I am writing about is not in alignment with how i’m truly feeling, it is obvious and…uninspired.

I’m sure over the course of time I will take this blog in many different directions, because that’s me. I will never fit into one specific box, or category, and thats the way I want Rebelle Nutrition to be as well. Keeps things exciting, right? Thanks for sticking with me!

Of course Rebelle Nutrition is ALWAYS going to be pro- body positivity, self love, real food, anti “diet” and so forth. But lately i’ve been thinking more about the concept of intuitive eating (which I still promote!) and where it falls short.

YES, intuitive eating is an amazing tool for those who are able to tap into their bodies signals for hunger and fullness.

But what about people who can’t trust their cravings?

For example,

Someone who has eaten mostly fast food for their whole like is probably not going to crave vegetables, even if that is what their body needs.

Someone who has restricted their calories or dieted most of their life may legitimately only feel hungry for 1200 calories of food per day, even though their body needs more.

Someone who craves candy and sweets all day probably has some blood sugar handling or candida related issues - and eating intuitively may be making their problems worse.

…and to be honest, these scenarios ARE most of us. Intuitive eating is like the magical unicorn that we aspire to; the "after-we-resolve-your-health-concerns" phase of the work we do together - to ensure that the changes we've made are lasting and sustainable.

Unfortunately, eating intuitively is probably not going to help you improve your IBS or adrenal fatigue. The reason you got into a state of digestive problems or adrenal stress in the first place is probably due to some of the seemingly “intuitive" habits you have become accustomed to over the years, like drinking coffee all day long, or continuing to eat cheese despite the fact it hurts your stomach (but tastes delicious).

The bottom line is that the way we fuel ourselves matters.

Food will always have an emotional component, and that is totally fine! It's part of what makes birthdays, holidays, and home-cooked meals enjoyable and memorable. But sometimes an outside perspective is necessary if the way we have been eating and living is not getting us to where we want to be - physically, mentally or otherwise. Sometimes having a “plan” is the jumpstart we need for our bodies to return to place where we can trust her signals again.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel amazing in your body - whatever that means for you.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to wake up feeling energized without 3 cups of coffee.

There is nothing wrong with removing certain foods from your diet that make you feel like crap.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

I feel a rant coming on...

As much as I sometimes get fed up with the health-obsessed culture that we live in, we can’t deny the fact that food has profound impacts on the way we feel both mentally and physically.

To be honest, there have been times when I want to say “fuck it” with nutrition; like when nearly every person I meet wants to sell me their “nutritional shake” that somehow automatically makes them a “health coach”.

In a perfect world, we could all just eat whatever the fuck we wanted, feel great, and start talking about things OTHER than health and food - like love, fun, ideas, inspiration, joy or LITERALLY ANYTHING other than nutrition.

But then I come back down to reality and realize that no one is immune to the increasing number of modern and preventable diseases like diabetes, hormonal problems, chronic fatigue, heart disease, thyroid problems and so many more.

Even I am not immune - despite the knowledge I have about nutrition and the gut, I still sometimes think I can get away with eating gluten, and then pay for it for days afterwards.

Like it or not, the way we fuel ourselves is PARAMOUNT in us leading happy, healthy lives.

There are things that I started doing (and eating) on a daily basis because I knew they were good for me and would make me feel my best, like:

Drinking enough water.
Getting enough healthy fats.
Eating lots of salad/ cooked vegetables.
Avoiding raw, cruciferous veggies.
Taking a probiotic.
Avoiding gluten.
Banana ice cream!!
Sleeping 8+ hours a night.
Green smoothies.

And now, I do each of these things intuitively every day because I literally crave them; not just for how they taste or because they are 'trendy', but because of how they make me feel afterwards.

So, if you aren't at the stage where intuitive eating is an option for you, don't worry. I created a program EXACTLY for you, and the best news is...


Introducing: The Rebelle Reset


The Rebelle Reset is a 21 day program that aims to help you:

- Learn to eat real food
- Identify your food triggers (i.e foods that may be causing inflammation, digestive distress, etc)
- Get in tune with what your body is truly craving
- Eliminate artificial, processed foods
- Manage cravings for sugars, alcohol and refined foods
- Prioritize self care
- Get out of your current food rut!

The first program is going to start September 5th! So make sure to join my email list to stay up to date and receive your guide, which will include:

- Foods to choose
- Foods to avoid
- Exercise recommendations
- Daily self-care challenges
- A grocery guide
- Access to the Rebelle Reset Facebook group
- ...and more!

To make sure you are on my Rebelle Reset email list - go here and enter your name/email address. Also be sure to join the Facebook group to receive a daily FOCUS during each day of the challenge.