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hi i'm Amie!

  • NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner)

  • World traveler

  • Online Business Owner

  • Scorpio/Generator/3W4/INFP/Rebel

  • Clearly I also love personality tests

  • Trashy TV enthusiast



But apart from the labels - my purpose in life is helping freedom loving health + wellness coaches create the business of their dreams, through …

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Let’s get your business working in the background, so you can stop trading time for dollars, work from wherever you are, and build a f*cking empire. E-mail Marketing, Social Media, Online Courses, you name it - I’ll help you build it.




Let’s get you back into alignment with what FEELS good and authentic, so you can stop “hustling” - and start manifesting your next level self (A feature in Forbes? A pair of Louboutins? A house on the beach? 5 puppies? #NojudgementZone).

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Let’s unpack the reasons you’re still struggling with creating consistent content, selling, and attracting abundance. It’s *not* because you don’t have the right tools - it’s because your self worth needs an up-level.

Rebelle Nutrition AmieT.


I wasn’t *always* in the position of helping thousands of new business owners up level every single day. I literally started from the hut, now I’m here (love a Drake reference). Seriously - 3 years ago I was living in a 120 square foot hut, working a full time job as a cocktail server (dreaming of traveling the world), and attempting to start an online nutrition business - except I had NO idea how to:

  • Grow a following on social media

  • Build trust with my audience

  • Grow an email list

  • Generate sales (like, how would I even accept the payment?!)

  • Create a digital product

So I dedicated the next 6 months to hiring coaches, enrolling in courses, and attending Google/YouTube University (I’m not afraid to say it) until I had built out my entire website, social media platforms, and very first online nutrition course. 

My first online nutrition course finally gave me the financial stability and passive income to quite my serving job and go full in on my business. A few months later, my husband was able to quit his full time in retail management to join the Rebelle Nutrition team full-time. And a few months after that, we had paid off over 5 figures of debt, moved out of the hut, and started traveling the world for 18 months, while simultaneously scaling the business. 

I’m here to tell you that EVERYTHING you desire is available to you. The freedom. The success. The fulfillment. The freedom. And I’m going to help you create it, through strategy and alignment.


 i love a good personality test!


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