What I'm Obsessed With Lately - Human Design, Celery Juice, + more!

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I'm the type of person that doesn't just become "into" something new. Nope. If i'm interested in something, I become utterly obsessed, needing to know everything about it, following my gut even though I have no idea where it is leading me, and then share everything i've learned with other people - in the hopes they will find as much value in it as I did. 

That's why, this week, i've decided to share a few of the things i've been getting tons of questions about (mostly on Instagram ;))

So this e-mail is going to talk about a few of my new obsessions, what they are, why i'm doing them, and where you can go to learn more about them!

1. Human Design

If you are someone who is into Myer's Briggs, the Enneagram, astrology, or the 4 Tendencies (any of those tests that tell you more about what "type" you are) prepare to go down the rabbit hole of information with Human Design - which is kind of like a woo-woo version of the Myers Briggs personality test that is based on your birthdate.

It is based of of the principle that we are all a different "energy type" and generate energy different ways by doing different things. For example, I am a "Generator": someone who gains more energy by doing what they love, and sharing that energy with everyone they come into contact with, in order to leave the world a more inspired place. UM HELLO SPOT ON. 

If you're interested, you can go here and input your birth information and find out what "type" you are, but to be honest reading the chart that you are given is pretty difficult to do. I highly recommend checking out Jenna Zoe's website or Charlotte Dupont to learn more (they are both experts).

The thing I love about it (so far, without knowing much) is that it's basic premise is: each of us is unique - and the key to each of our success, happiness, health and fulfillment is being able to embrace the ways that we are different and NOT try to be like everyone else. It's almost like getting permission to be exactly who you were designed to be...and learning how to leverage those differences to our own benefit. 

There are even recommendations for the different diets for each type which I thought was SUPER fascinating, and shocker: "Generators" are supposed to make dietary choices based on what their gut is telling them to eat - and NOT necessarily follow what anyone else tells them they "should" be eating (HOW DOES THIS KNOW ME SO WELL. Insane).  Which leads me to my next obsession...

2. Celery Juice

I started learning about the benefits of celery juice a few months ago and heard it was a "cure all" from everything from acne to Lyme to depression to acid reflux to eczema...and I was pretty skeptical. Can celery juice really cure ALL of those things?

To be honest, i'm still not sure how valid these claims are, I can only speak from my own (and my husband, Erik's) experience, but when I started feeling a little bit of Bali-belly last week (general upset stomach that happens to almost everyone here in Bali) celery juice seemed like the easiest, most low risk fix. 

Not only did my stomach feel almost immediately better after drinking it, but after keeping up with the celery juice every morning for the past 4 days now, the biggest benefit: Erik's near-constant "throat clearing" has almost stopped completely. HALLELUJAH. We had tried everything from HCL, gut healing, removing dairy and other allergens, coffee, etc. and NOTHING.was.helping. I'll definitely keep you guys up to date as we continue with the celery juice protocol, but in the meantime, check out this website if you want to learn more about it!

3. Cycle-Syncing

TMI alert - but did you guys know I didn't have a natural period for 10 F*CKING YEARS?! I know, I know...horrible coming from a Nutritionist but it's the truth. If you're interested in learning more about this let me know, but cutting to the chase: now that i've re-balanced my hormones naturally and have a period again, it is SO INCREDIBLE to me to be able to "track" what my body is doing each month and make lifestyle decisions based on what cycle i'm in:

i.e. HIIT workouts during ovulation but not at the end of my luteal phase, planning for creative projects during my follicular phase, and so on. 

For more info on this, check out Alissa Vitti's website here (i'm using her FloLiving app to track!)

4. Morning Routine

Until about a week ago, I was a wake-up-and-immediately-check-my-phone-person. 'm not proud of it, but I had every excuse in the book about why I "needed" to respond to emails, DMs, etc. as quickly as possible, and with the Bali time change, most of the people I am in contact with on a daily basis are working while i'm asleep. 

But last week I realized that this TERRIBLE morning routine of mine was sending me into a negative, stressed out, cortisol-filled tailspin for the rest of the day - which was NOT the reason I started my own business. 

SO - my new routine is:

  • Celery juice
  • Journaling/manifesting/affirmations
  • No phone (besides a wake up text to my mom 😉) until after i've had breakfast, coffee, and am sitting down at my computer

That's it. And oh yeah i've removed my work email from my phone completely hich is pure freedom. But you guys, this has made SUCH. A. DIFFERENCE in my entire mood for the day and it has made me feel back in control around the boundaries I have set in my business. 

Let me know if you try it ;) Also - I haven't read this book yet but I heard the author on a podcast and he was AMAZING talking about morning routines - definitely putting it on my list. 

5. Travel

Ok so this isn't new, but i'm still obsessed with it, ha! Anyways, Erik and I booked our tickets for our next destination and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! We will still be in Bali for another 2ish months while I finish my newest online course, but after that - we are celebrating in...


Did I mention i'm excited? We are starting in Madrid and then going to Barcelona, the islands (Mallorca and Ibiza) and then heading down south, so if you guys have any Spain recs definitely let me know ;)

Toats manifesting spending my 30th birthday on a yacht in the Greek islands, so i'll keep you updated on that. Gotta tell you guys so it  happens, right?

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That's it for this week, but i'm curious to hear from you guys:

  • Are you into human design? What's your type?
  • Have you tried the celery juice craze? What about cycle-syncing?
  • Do you have a morning routine?
  • Have you been to Spain?



P.S. It is TOTALLY 100% ok to be multi-passionate in your business and share those passions with your audience. This is the benefit of building a personal brand - you are never "off brand" when your business IS YOU. The important thing is that you are able to "niche" down your paid offerings enough so that you are targeting a specific subset of people and solving their specific need. This is how you ensure PROFITABILITY -> something i'm covering in depth in my new course. Can't wait to share it with you guys, sign up for the VIP list here!