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The 3 Biggest Myths About Eating Paleo

I don't know about you, but when I first started learning about Paleo, I thought there was NO possible way I could make it work for me. (Unsure what Paleo means? check out my last post here)

At the time, I was addicted to diet coke, eating Kashi-go lean cereal for most meals, and using Splenda to "cure" my sugar cravings. Eating real food seemed like a novel concept to me, and as much as I wanted to try it out and remove all of the fake crap from my diet, I was scared.

I had so many misconceptions about what eating Paleo meant, that it kept me from successfully improving my diet for years. If I would have been able to change my perfectionistic view, give myself some grace, and do a little research, I not only would have felt much more empowered in my decisions, but I would have realized that I was making it much more difficult than it needed to be.

Myth #1: Paleo means Whole-30ing for the rest of your life

Whole-30 is a month long eating plan that excludes dairy, grains, legumes, sugar, alcohol, and processed/artificial foods. Basically, a strict Paleo diet. Doing a Whole-30 can be an awesome way to re-set taste buds, discover food sensitivities, and improve energy. For all-or-nothing-ers like myself, 30 days is okay - but what if I could do this strict Paleo plan for 60 or 90 or 360 days?! Certainly that would give me perfect skin, hormones, and soaring energy...right? 

Unfortunately, having a perfectionistic and dogmatic view about any way of eating, including Paleo, is what sets us up for failure. It's also the reason why "diets" don't work long term.  Allowing yourself a treat that you love that has no negative consequences is the best way to stay satisfied, sane, and motivated to continue to nourish your body with nutrient dense foods.

Myth#2: If you're not cooking all of your own meals, you're doing it wrong

Bone broth, meal prep, homemade everything...these were the things I believed were non-negotiable if I wanted to eat Paleo. Look, if you do all of these things, I honestly think you are amazing! (Come cook for me?) But I personally have about 100 other things i'd rather be doing in a day than slaving away in the kitchen. Luckily, Paleo eating has become a lot more mainstream in the past few years and it is SUPER easy to get pre-prepped and nutrient dense snack options no matter where you live. Here are some of my favorite resources:

Epic Bars, Rx bars

My favorite chocolate

Bone broth

Thrive Market

Collagen peptides

 Coconut butter (my newest obsession)

Canned salmon

Costco has TONS of Paleo friendly options too, like:

Aidell's chicken sausage, grass-fed beef burgers, organic frozen fruit and veggies, Coconut oil, Love Beets, Hope Hummus (Not techincally "Paleo" but a great example of eating foods that work for you whether they are "Paleo" or not)

Obviously, these options require that you pay a little more for the convenience factor. So decide what works best for you! Do you have extra time to dedicate to planning and prepping? Or would you rather pay a few extra bucks so you can spend your weekends dancing, surfing, brunching, etc? 

Myth #3 Paleo is just another diet

I'm gonna be super honest...when I first started eating Paleo, I told myself it was because my health was declining, and I felt like shit. This was true, but at the time I was still very stuck in the "diet" mentality, and my hope was that Paleo would finally be the answer to my personal war with food. At first, I treated Paleo like it was "just another diet" (albeit a waaaaay healthier version of what I was previously eating) but I made sure I counted every calorie and didn't eat too much fat.

Despite treating it as "just another diet", some crazy shit started happening after only a few short months. My acid reflux went away, my bloating decreased, my hair stopped falling out, and my depression nearly vanished. I even put on some muscle that I had lost (yay for nutrients) and actually stopped obsessing about my body so much. (Improving mental health is one of the GREATEST benefits of a paleo diet, in my opinion) 

This is not to say that I didn't do a lot of work around mindset as well, but I do believe that being properly nourished was a key factor in my ability to do this. 

As I started to obsess less about food and my body, I also become much less perfectionistic around my "Paleo diet" and started incorporating things that, although banned by the Paleo police, worked well for me and my body. (I.e: hummus, legumes, rice, gluten-free treats and the occasional tequila shot ;))

I also stopped viewing food as "good" or "bad" and simply started viewing certain things as more nutrient dense, or less nutrient dense. Both are totally fine, and I know that days or even weeks worth of less nutrient dense foods will always leave me craving more nutrient dense options, because...#balance.

For these reasons, modifying a Paleo style of eating to fit YOUR needs is the farthest thing from "just another diet." This truly requires a mindset shift, especially for those people who have been on the dieting bandwagon for many years. 

Want more info on transitioning to a paleo-ish diet?

Real Food Snacks That Don't Suck

As nutritional therapy practitioner, one of the most common questions I get is how to eat real food while traveling/working full time/ maintaining a busy schedule.

Not everyone has the convenience of cooking and eating every meal from home (myself included) so how do we stay nourished on the go?

Well, as the queen of “purse snacks” I feel it is my duty to share some of my favorite pre-packaged, real-food snacks that don’t require any refrigeration and can be easily transported to a day at the office, the beach, a road trip…you name it!

The best part is…they are ALL approved snack options for the 21 Day Rebelle Reset! (Join here if you haven’t yet - next round starts Oct. 3rd).

Epic Bars


Look for any flavors without added sugar. This one is my absolute favorite (it is SPICY though so be warned)

Rx Bars


These bars are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth and include a little protein to keep you satisfied. The chocolate sea salt is my favorite and reminds me of a healthified-brownie.

Lara Bars

Most people have tried Lara Bars before, and I include these on the list because they are the most easily available and can be found at nearly every grocery store and gas station if you don’t have a Whole Foods near by. They are also super cheap! My favorite flavor is the blueberry muffin.

Dang coconut chips


Aka coconut crack. The original and lightly salted flavors are both RR approved and taste amazing on top of smoothie bowls or salads. They are also super satisfying when eaten on their own. Get them here.

Go raw snacks

I love that these are raw, sprouted, and have no added sugar! This company also makes bars as well. I love the Spirulina flavor because i’m a sucker for anything green, but they also have a pizza flavor now?!? Must try.

The Good Bean Crispy Chickpeas


I am OBSESSED with chickpeas and pretty much eat them daily. This is a great way to bring them on the go with you. They are the perfect salty +crunchy snack. I like the sea salt flavor.

Now, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous (like me) and don’t give AF about keeping entire meals in your purse/carry on/pockets, here are a few more ideas:

Wild caught sardines/canned salmon

Pre-baked sweet potatoes with nut butter

Avocado (make sure to bring a plastic knife to open)

Bananas and apples (both travel well)

Carrot/ celery slices

Homeade kale chips (or store bought, but those are effing expensive)

Hard-boiled eggs (don’t leave these out of the fridge too long…)

Hopefully this gave you some helpful ideas of real-food snacks that can be taken with you anywhere!

Remember to keep this list handy in preparation for the 21 Day Rebelle Reset as well! When looking for store-bought, real-food snacks, make sure to read ingredient lists carefully to make sure there is no added sugar, soy, gluten/grains, or dairy. If there are more than 5 ingredients, or there are ingredients you don’t recognize, there are a few things you can do: 1. Google it. 2. Post a pic in the Facebook group and myself or another member will give you feedback. 3. Leave it and choose something you are sure is a good choice.

Obviously, home cooked meals eaten in a relaxed environment are the IDEAL but sometimes life gets in the way and we need a quick and easy (sometimes packaged…) snack to stave off the hAnger.

What did I forget? Let me know in the comments section which real-food snacks I need to try!