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Welcome to Rebelle Nutrition - Restore vitality with real food


What is Rebelle* Nutrition?:

An intuitive way of eating that aims to nourish a person physically, mentally, and emotionally based on their bio-individual needs. Rebelle Nutrition emphasizes the importance of choosing the most nutrient dense, seasonal, whole-food sources available; as well as taking into account the preferences and goals of the client.

Why Rebelle? 

I believe that we have been fed (literally and figuratively) a variety of lies about nutrition in the past 30 + years. Whether it was the fad of low fat diets, low carb diets, counting “points” or simply being told contradicting nutrition advice at every turn. We as a society have become completely and utterly confused. We are told to ignore our intuition and cravings, instead following a one-size-fits all plan that promises to take the last 10 pounds off effortlessly, heal every ailment, and give us the perfect life.

This is an excellent marketing scheme, but is total bullshit. The diet that works for one person may be completely different than what works for another. Each of us is an individual, and our nutritional needs will vary based on our history, lifestyle, genetic factors, activity level, sex, and more.

At Rebelle Nutrition, I want you to give the finger to mainstream nutrition advice. 

Can you remember what your body craved before fitness magazines told you what you should eat?

My job is twofold;

  1. To help people who are fed up with the dieting industry find the nutrition plan that fits their bioindiviual needs and helps them to reach lasting health and vitality. I want you to thrive. Whether your goal is to gain energy, improve gut health or boost metabolism, I will assist you along the way in determining your nutritional needs as well as deficiencies.
  2. To help people get back in touch with their hunger cues, intuition, and cravings. What does your body truly want? Sometimes this might be chocolate, other times it might be kale. My job is to help you find and maintain the balance.

If you are ready to take the next steps towards improving your health and vitality through real food,  please contact me here.

*Rebelle is also the French word for Rebel. And it sounds pretty.