How To Write A High-Converting "About Me" Page On Your Nutrition Website

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Do you know what the MOST visited page on your website is?

It’s not your blog, or your services page (sorry).

It’s your “About Me” page. 

Ya know... that page you kind of half-assed and put an old picture of yourself on because you figured no one would read? Yeah, that one. 

(Check your google analytics to confirm this - but it’s been true across the board for myself and my clients for the past 6 months)

Needless to say, your About Me page is SUPER important because it has the power to either convert your reader into a paying client, or turn them off forever. 

I don't know about you, but when choosing to spend money online, I want to know about the PERSON behind the brand/business, connect with them on a personal level, and feel like they understand my unique situation (especially when it comes to health/nutrition.)

And I know i'm not alone in this. These days, if you don't have a personal element to your online business, you're either going to blend in with the crowd or get left behind. 

In this blog post, i’m going to be sharing my top 6 tips for writing a high converting About Me page on your nutrition website, but if you want the entire (free) step buy step video training on this topic (including examples) get that below:


Step # 1 for writing a high converting About Me page:

Make your readers fall in love with you.
So think about your About Me page kind of like you would a new relationship. You have to be genuine, authentic, and show your personality in order to attract the right person for YOU.  (This also means turning OFF the people that aren't right for you) So the very first thing you want to do on your About Me page is to introduce yourself in a way that allows people to connect with you and see your true personality, OUTSIDE of who you are as a business. Meaning, don’t lead with your credentials. Instead, lead with something that your target client can connect to, like the fact that you’re obsessed with your dog, or drink bulletproof coffee. 

Lead with something that your target client can connect to, like the fact that you’re obsessed with your dog, or drink bulletproof coffee. 

Step # 2 for writing a killer about me page

Next, tell your story.

But - you must be very strategic around HOW you do this. Remember, your about me page isn’t actually 100% about you. YES, you want to talk about your history, how you found nutrition, how you healed/improved certain illnesses with real food,  why you’re qualified to do what you do, etc. but I wouldn’t spend more than 1-2 paragraphs on that topic. The main purpose of this tip is to share your hero’s journey - how it felt to be struggling, what you changed, and how you got to where you are today. This shows your ideal client that you’ve been where they are, and made it to the other side - which provides you with the empathy and life experience, in addition to credentials, to help them achieve whatever desired end result they are looking for. 

Step # 3 For writing a high-converting about me page 

Treat your About Me page LIKE a sales page.

If you're main objective is to get more clients/students/customers (which i'm guessing it is, if you're running a business), you need to treat your About Me page like a sales page. So after you’ve talked about your journey, and why you’re qualified to help your reader achieve their desired goal, you don’t just leave them hanging there with a "thanks for reading!".

You actually want to agitate them a little bit more and touch on their "pain points" once again before offering them the perfect solution to their problems. This can look a few different ways so i'll provide some examples.

you need to treat your About Me page like a sales page
Image 11-9-17 at 4.30 PM.jpg

Above is a snippet of my own About Me page, right after my story and why i’m qualified to teach what I teach. What i'm doing here is agitating my audience a little bit more because I know EXACTLY what they’re struggling with right now. And this is why knowing WHO your ideal client or customer is, first, is SO important.

Another way to agitate your audience before providing the solution, is to
ask them questions that really touch on their struggles or pain points. So below is an example taken right off of my Monetized Minimalist sales page, but you can definitely use this exact same strategy on your About Me page, right before getting into the next tip i’m going to share.


After you’re done agitating your reader, you want to provide them the simple, no brainer solution. This could be to work with you 1:1 by scheduling an appointment, purchasing your course, purchasing your product, joining your challenge, buying your e-book, whatever it is.  So a great way to transition here is to answer the question you just asked them…so if you said, "do you fantasize about having the freedom to travel, share your passions with the world in an authentic way, and work from your laptop?" Answer with,  "well, now is your time" and then…..

Step #4 For writing a killer About Me page for your nutrition website 

Present them with the solution! (Your paid offer)


Get the full step-by-step video training with examples HERE!

Did you implement these tips on your About Me page? How did they work for you? Let me know in the comments!