How To Build A Nutrition Business While Traveling

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Hey guys!

“How do you manage to build your online business and stay motivated, while traveling full time”

This is one of the most common questions I get so I figured I’d break it down into a few duplicatable tips - whether you want to become a digital nomad OR just get better results in less time (bc who wants to be working 24/7?)


Pretend like you only have 1 hour to work each day. What would you prioritize during that hour? Likely, you wouldn’t spend time messing around with the colors + fonts on your website if you knew you only had 1 hour to bust out work. 

I prioritize by asking myself - “what task is going to provide the most immediate/greatest ROI?” Usually this is creating a webinar, course, lead magnet, video or another type of content - NOT things like responding to emails or nitpicking certain things because they aren’t perfect. Also - outsource whatever you can :)


A lot of times, you guys will see me wearing the same outfit for multiple videos, spread out over the course of a few weeks. This isn’t *just* because of my minimalist closet - but because when I’m *in the mood* to be on camera, I try to bust out as many videos as I can at one time. This is a perfect tip also if you only want to do your hair/makeup once a week ;)

☑️FENG SHUI (Or something?!):

Something that I no longer compromise on while traveling is the Airbnb/hotel that I’m staying in while traveling. Yes - I know this is a luxury, but most of us (including me) are VERY influenced by our surroundings, and will feel WAY more inspired to work, sleep better, and manifest much easier when we are staying in a physical environment that we love. For me this means: a bright, minimal decor, AC, a work station, and a comfy bed with lots of pillows. If you work from home - this could simply mean getting a salt lamp, diffusing some oils, or getting a comfier chair to sit in while you work. Don’t underestimate the little things that feel luxurious!

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The way I keep my mind in “work-mode” while traveling, is staying consistent with some-what of a routine. Traveling can make this difficult - but I ALWAYS prioritize: getting a workout in, coffee+breakfast time with Erik (free from phones/technology) and alone time with a good podcast/audiobook. If I fit these 3 things in every day - my productivity level (and mood) skyrockets.

Was this helpful?!? What else do you want to know about running/scaling a business while traveling?!