7 Acne-Clearing Foods Missing From Your Diet

Recently, I wrote a guest blog post for one of my FAVORITE websites/resources for acne-free skin. I promise you'll want to read the full post, because i'm willing to bet the foods on this list are NOT a part of your daily "healthy eating" regimen.  Here's a sneak peak:

Most of us who have been struggled with painful acne are deeply aware of the connection between the food we eat and how it effects our skin. For this reason, we get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy fats like olive and coconut oil, and make sure to drink enough water. We know to avoid inflammatory foods like dairy, wheat and soy; we move our bodies daily, and we (attempt to…) keep happy hours to a minimum.

And yet, our skin is still a funky combo of random cystic breakouts and fine lines, no matter how closely we follow the latest natural-health guidelines for clear skin...

Read the full blog post on the Skyn Therapy Blog!

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