Rebelle Nutrition Online Course Refund Policy (Full)

In order to receive a refund, students must submit the following:

  • A request within 30 days of their purchase date, including an explanation of WHY they are unsatisfied with the course material

    • Dissatisfaction MUST be specific to the course material inherently

  • Proof of 50% or more of the completed course work (Amie can check this on her end)

  • Completed course worksheets (screenshots are fine!)

  • Proof of implementation of the following strategies:

    • A link to an active landing page + working lead magnet opt-in related to their potential course topic

    • One blog post/social media post related to their potential course topic

Online Course Academy students only:

  • Sample slide deck + presenter notes for at least (1) course lesson

  • Sample PDF worksheet/supplemental material that relates to course topic

When completed and sent to within 30 days of enrollment, refunds may be issued.

NO refunds for buyer's remorse :)

*All refunds MUST fit the above guidelines in order to be issued.