Day 3

Welcome back to day 3 of the #GrowYourInsta Challenge! Today we’re talking all about consistency…

Which...if i’m being honest, is not my strong suit as a Rebel

But the truth is, 

Consistency is key (for a few reasons) when it comes to growing your Instagram account full of loyal and engaged followers. 

  • Consistent personal branding: The overall message and personality of your account should be clear, strong, and the more apparent, the better. Remember what I said about attracting + repelling?
  • Consistent engagement: Interacting with accounts that already follow you, PLUS new accounts within your ideal audience are the best way to create relationships within the platform AND push your content higher up in the algorithm.
  • Consistent visual branding: Your audience should be able to recognize your editing style, content, fonts, colors, etc. This creates familiarity and trust with your audience. 
  • Consistent posting: The algorithm rewards accounts that are consistent with their posting, pushing their content higher up in the feeds of their followers (this is important so that these followers don’t forget who you are!)


Consistency = TRUST.

So now you know WHY being consistent is important, you’re probably wondering specifics like...

How often should I be posting? How much engagement is enough?

Tune into my live stream today at 2PM PST to find out!

Also, don’t forget about tomorrow’s 45 minute masterclass, all about how to create a Hashtag strategy for your account that helps you gain targeted followers, not competition! Sign up here if you havent yet!


***Today's live stream line up***

Kait from @bykaithansen - 1PM PST

Me! from @rebellenutrition - 2 PM PST

Edie from @wellnesswithedie - 5PM PST


All live streams will be held inside the private Facebook group!

Be sure to bring your challenge workbook to fill in the Day 1 answers, and come prepared with questions you have!




P.S. Mark your calendars for the 45 minute LIVE masterclass on Thursday at 12PM PST, where i'll be talking about the ultimate hashtag strategy to bring TARGETED followers to your Instagram account! You'll be receiving a link to join Thursday morning, and you DEF want to make it live, because...#BONUSES :)