Day 1:

Welcome to Day 1 of the #GrowYourInsta Challenge!

Today’s lesson might seem like a no brainer, but stick with me here. Instagram is a visual platform (duh, Amie), so in order to set yourself apart from the crowd, you MUST have high quality photos.

But, this doesn’t mean you need to have a fancy camera or hire a photographer. You can take amazing photos AND edit them, right with your phone!

Here are a few tips on how to take great Instagram photos, right from your phone:

  • Pay attention to lighting: the best lighting is generally at sunrise and sunset when the light is softer. This is especially important for self portrait or lifestyle photos.
  • You can also google how to make a DIY light box, which is an incredible tool for food photos and usually only costs around 15 bucks. or look this up on Pinterest!
  • Try various angles (overhead, up close, horizontal, etc)
  • Buy a few inexpensive backdrops or props, plates, etc. that you can use in your photos to keep things consistent
  • Don't be afraid to posts pictures of YOU! Remember that people want to know who the face behind the brand is (and these don't have to be selfies either!)
  • Edit your photos before posting! You can do this right within the IG app. Other editing apps I like are: VSCO, Snapseed, and FaceTune

Now that you know how to take great photos and edit them like a boss, you might be wondering... 

WHY are great photos important to grow your Instagram account? Watch today’s live stream to find out!

***Today's live stream line up:***

Amie from @Rebellenutrition (Me!): 2PM PST 

All live streams will be held inside the private Facebook group!

Be sure to bring your challenge workbook to fill in the Day 1 answers, and come prepared with questions you have!




P.S. Did you use these tips to up your IG photo game today? Make sure to use the hashtag #GrowYourInsta and tag me @rebellenutrition on instagram to be featured!!