Do you dream of…

Creating a lucrative side hustle?

Making money from anywhere in the world (Bali OR your home office)?

Working on YOUR terms - schedule, income potential and strategy?

Boosting your already existing business - nutrition, yoga, essential oils, etc.?

Adding your voice to a powerful movement that’s changing the beauty industry?


You currently have NO clients, online course, or any sort of product to sell?

Let’s chat :)

Join Amie and fellow NTP + Marketing genius Wendy Weeks (@wendyweekswellness) on May 21st for an exclusive live training all about how to build a freedom-based business with Beautycounter

Forget what you’ve heard about what other MLM’s and pyramid schemes…

Beautycounter is NOT that. (At least, that’s not the way WE do it)

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if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time or a “sign” to join Beautycounter, HERE IT IS!

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