Less Than 24 Hours To Go!


Here’s your link to join the training:

On February 11th at 8PM EST/5PM PST

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Just *1* more day until we get to talk live and in person about how to create an online course that is irresistible and wildly profitable. 

I'm going to be sharing some of the tips that took me from broke AF and kinda bitter to traveling the world and fulfilling my purpose. And how YOU can too. 

As we approach this upcoming training, what are you hoping to gain in your business?

Is it mostly about the ability to work from wherever?

To bring in an UNLIMITED amount of abundance (aka cash money, even if you take a few days off)?

To stop trading time for dollars, and start SCALING your biz?

Or does it have more to do with reaching a larger number of people (with less effort) and serving the world on a GLOBAL scale?

Or all of the above? 

I’ve been thinking a lot about ALL of these things, lately. Putting this live training together takes me right back to where I was, less than 2 years ago, before I’d ever launched my OWN online course. 

I had only recently started my business, had a tiny audience... 

No budget for FB ads...

Imposter syndrome like woah...

Wondering if anyone would even buy my course that I worked SO hard on. 

But it was after that online course launch that I was finally able to quit my serving job and go full-time on my nutrition business (the DREAM right?!)

Ever since then, I have been kind of obsessed with teaching other online business owners (you don't have to be a Nutritionist!) how to create and sell their own online courses. 

Because let's face it - there's NO way i'd be a multiple-six-figure-a-year-business if I were still seeing 1:1 clients. 

I can’t wait to share a few of my tips and tricks in tomorrow’s upcoming training (as well as some #truthbombs about how big of an audience you need to have before launching YOUR own course)

That’s my story, what will yours be?