How To Write A High-Converting "About Me" Page On Your Nutrition Website

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Do you know what the MOST visited page on your website is?

It’s not your blog, or your services page (sorry).

It’s your “About Me” page. 

Ya know... that page you kind of half-assed and put an old picture of yourself on because you figured no one would read? Yeah, that one. 

(Check your google analytics to confirm this - but it’s been true across the board for myself and my clients for the past 6 months)

Needless to say, your About Me page is SUPER important because it has the power to either convert your reader into a paying client, or turn them off forever. 

I don't know about you, but when choosing to spend money online, I want to know about the PERSON behind the brand/business, connect with them on a personal level, and feel like they understand my unique situation (especially when it comes to health/nutrition.)

And I know i'm not alone in this. These days, if you don't have a personal element to your online business, you're either going to blend in with the crowd or get left behind. 

In this blog post, i’m going to be sharing my top 6 tips for writing a high converting About Me page on your nutrition website, but if you want the entire (free) step buy step video training on this topic (including examples) get that below:


Step # 1 for writing a high converting About Me page:

Make your readers fall in love with you.
So think about your About Me page kind of like you would a new relationship. You have to be genuine, authentic, and show your personality in order to attract the right person for YOU.  (This also means turning OFF the people that aren't right for you) So the very first thing you want to do on your About Me page is to introduce yourself in a way that allows people to connect with you and see your true personality, OUTSIDE of who you are as a business. Meaning, don’t lead with your credentials. Instead, lead with something that your target client can connect to, like the fact that you’re obsessed with your dog, or drink bulletproof coffee. 

Lead with something that your target client can connect to, like the fact that you’re obsessed with your dog, or drink bulletproof coffee. 

Step # 2 for writing a killer about me page

Next, tell your story.

But - you must be very strategic around HOW you do this. Remember, your about me page isn’t actually 100% about you. YES, you want to talk about your history, how you found nutrition, how you healed/improved certain illnesses with real food,  why you’re qualified to do what you do, etc. but I wouldn’t spend more than 1-2 paragraphs on that topic. The main purpose of this tip is to share your hero’s journey - how it felt to be struggling, what you changed, and how you got to where you are today. This shows your ideal client that you’ve been where they are, and made it to the other side - which provides you with the empathy and life experience, in addition to credentials, to help them achieve whatever desired end result they are looking for. 

Step # 3 For writing a high-converting about me page 

Treat your About Me page LIKE a sales page.

If you're main objective is to get more clients/students/customers (which i'm guessing it is, if you're running a business), you need to treat your About Me page like a sales page. So after you’ve talked about your journey, and why you’re qualified to help your reader achieve their desired goal, you don’t just leave them hanging there with a "thanks for reading!".

You actually want to agitate them a little bit more and touch on their "pain points" once again before offering them the perfect solution to their problems. This can look a few different ways so i'll provide some examples.

you need to treat your About Me page like a sales page
Image 11-9-17 at 4.30 PM.jpg

Above is a snippet of my own About Me page, right after my story and why i’m qualified to teach what I teach. What i'm doing here is agitating my audience a little bit more because I know EXACTLY what they’re struggling with right now. And this is why knowing WHO your ideal client or customer is, first, is SO important.

Another way to agitate your audience before providing the solution, is to
ask them questions that really touch on their struggles or pain points. So below is an example taken right off of my Monetized Minimalist sales page, but you can definitely use this exact same strategy on your About Me page, right before getting into the next tip i’m going to share.


After you’re done agitating your reader, you want to provide them the simple, no brainer solution. This could be to work with you 1:1 by scheduling an appointment, purchasing your course, purchasing your product, joining your challenge, buying your e-book, whatever it is.  So a great way to transition here is to answer the question you just asked them…so if you said, "do you fantasize about having the freedom to travel, share your passions with the world in an authentic way, and work from your laptop?" Answer with,  "well, now is your time" and then…..

Step #4 For writing a killer About Me page for your nutrition website 

Present them with the solution! (Your paid offer)


Get the full step-by-step video training with examples HERE!

Did you implement these tips on your About Me page? How did they work for you? Let me know in the comments!



My Top Recommendations For Things To Do In Maui, Hawaii

My top recs for Maui Hawaii.png

You guys, i've FINALLY gotten around to writing out a list of my top recommendations for food, activities, beaches, snorkeling, surfing, and all of the other amazing things there are to do and see in Maui, Hawaii. 

After being asked (almost daily) via Instagram DM about this, i've decided to put all of my recommendations in one place and make it easier on both of us :) So, here we go!

My Top Recommendations For Maui, Hawaii:


Mama's Fish House (Paia): Hands down, the BEST place to eat in Maui. Be prepared to spend some $$ as it is pricy, and you will need a reservation, but if you're in Maui, Mama's is a MUST. 

The Mill House: Another higher end restaurant with awesome farm to table options (GF, allergy friendly)

Merriman's (Kapalua): Go here for happy hour out on the "point lounge" (3-5pm daily). One of the MOST beautiful places to get a drink on the Island, listen to live music, and eat pupus. You can also make dinner reservations inside, but I prefer the more casual atmosphere out on the "point". The poke is delish!

Pi Pizza (Lahaina): More on the casual side, great pizza, right on Front Street (GF, veg options)

Choice Health Bar (Lahaina): Healthy, real-food, vegan options + the BEST acai bowls on the island. A definite must!! (GF, allergy friendly, veg)

Choice Health Bar, Lahaina

Choice Health Bar, Lahaina

Maui Kombucha (Paia): Locally made kombucha, vegan food (GF, allergy friendly, veg)

Alchemy Maui (Lahaina): Locally made kombucha, healthy options (GF, allergy friendly, veg)

The Farmers Market (Honokowai): More of a health-food store than a restaurant, but perfect for specialty items. Also has a smoothie/acai bar, salad bar, and hot food bar (like a mini, local whole foods!) The outdoor market is MWF from 8am-12pm. 

Paia Fish Market (Lahaina, Paia): One of the best fast-casual options on Maui in my opinion! Lots of great fish options for a reasonable price. Try the fajitas or cajun spiced ahi sashimi!

Milagros (Paia): Good mexican food at decent prices (GF, veg options)

Honu Seafood and Pizza (Lahaina): Great seafood, pizza, drinks, and views (GF options)

Mala Ocean Tavern (Lahaina): Great location (right on front street) with lots of fish and Mediterranean dishes + drinks. 

Sansei (Kapalua): Best sushi on the island (+ the best price!) early bird special (25% off until 6PM, every day) Definitely make a reservation. They also have late night karaoke. 

Kahului Food Trucks: A few different local food options that are reasonably priced if you are in Kahului and need a bite to eat!

Da Kitchen (Kahului): Delish, decently priced local food

Star Noodle (Lahaina): Not gonna lie, didn't think I was going to be a fan of this place but it. was. amazing. Be sure to make reservations. 

Ululani's Shave Ice (Lahaina): The best shave ice on the island! A must try. 

Grandma's coffee shop (Upcountry, Kula): Cute coffee shop for breakfast, then take a walk down Thompson Road and try to spot Oprah's house ;)

Cafe Cafe (Lahaina): Amazing coffee on the west side, on Front street

Costco: Obviously not a restaurant, but if you're staying for longer than a few days or have a large family, Costco is the best place to buy in bulk and cook for yourself throughout the week. You will save TONS of money this way, and their fresh fish options are unbelievable. They also have a decent amount of local produce. (And the booze is super cheap!! #Maitais)


The beaches in Maui are AMAZING and each has different things they are known for. I obviously can't list all of them here, but these are my favorites.

Honolua Bay: The walk through the jungle to get to Honolua bay is one of the best parts about this beach. Depending on the time of year, it's a surf spot + a snorkel spot. Keep in mind this is not a sandy beach though, so it's not a great place to go if you just want to chill on the beach. 

Walk to Honolua Bay

Walk to Honolua Bay

Airport Beach/Kahekili Beach (Ka'anapali): Great snorkeling, nice walking path, big stretch of sandy beach. I ALWAYS see turtles here :)

Airport Beach/ Kahekili Beach

Airport Beach/ Kahekili Beach

ka'anapali Beach/Black rock: Big stretch of sandy beach in front of many of the resorts. Can get touristy, but definitely worth checking out. Grab a drink from one of the resort bars and come chill on the beach, or swim over to black rock for some snorkeling.

Ka'anapali Beach

Ka'anapali Beach

Big Beach (Makena): Big stretch of sandy beach where the waves can get HUGE! Fun to play in, but definitely be careful at this beach. Sit and watch for a few minutes and you'll see people getting pounded in the shorebreak (#respecttheocean 🤣)

Little Beach (Makena): Nude beach, if that's your thing ;) From big beach, climb over the rock wall (to the right) and prepare for lots of nakedness! 

Baby Beach (Lahaina): Super calm water, sandy beach, great for families with small kids

Ho'okipa: One of the most well known surf beaches on Maui. Can get super windy, fun to watch the wind surfers or see the turtles that like to hang out on the beach here. 

Ho'okipa Lookout

Ho'okipa Lookout

Kapalua Bay: Great for snorkeling! Can get busy/touristy

Cliff House: Great for snorkeling, swimming, lounging, cliff jumping. You'll have to park by Ironwoods beach and walk down the boardwalk, up over the rocky area to get here, but totally worth it. 

Cliff House

Cliff House

Lahaina harbor: Great for surfing

Wainapanapa/ Black sand Beach (Hana): Breathtakingly beautiful colors/ contrast from the black sand, blue ocean, and lush greenery 

Black sand beach

Black sand beach

Puamana/Launiopoko (Lahaina): Great for beginner surfing!



Whale Watch (Nov/Dec - Mar/Apr - Lahaina): There are a lot of different companies to choose from for whale watching, but I have always gone with Pacific Whale Foundation and loved it. If you come between Nov/Dec and Mar/Apr, whale watching is a must! (But if you're on a budget you can pretty much always see them from whatever beach you're at)

Sunset Cruise: If you come outside of whale season, definitely schedule a sunset cruise! Not a dinner cruise - they are overrated and pricy, but the sunset cruises are around $50 and usually include 2 drinks per person. 

Molokini Snorkel: Molokini is a crater-shaped "island" off the coast of Maui that is a popular snorkel spot. This is usually a 4-ish hour trip and a lot of fun if you enjoy boats, but I will say that the snorkeling you will see here is comparable to anything you could see from most beaches. (In most cases, beach snorkeling is even better). 

Road to Hana: If you have a rental car and are staying longer than a few days, the road to Hana is definitely a must. It takes a few hours, but there are tons of pitstops on the way. Once you get to Hana, be sure to check out the bamboo forest, rainbow trees, Venus pools, and black sand beach. 

Bamboo Forest (Hana): Mile Marker #6.7

Rainbow Trees (Hana): Mile Marker 7

Massages: Serenity Spa, Lahaina

Facials: Skin & Tonic, Lahaina

Venus Pools (Hana): Fun cliff jumping spot!

Wai'hee ridge trail hike: One of my favorite hikes


Iao valley: Last I checked this was still closed due to flooding, but this is a beautiful place to come walk around, take photos, and hike.

Iao Valley

Iao Valley

Sunrise/Sunset at Haleakala: A must while you're in Maui. If you plan to come for sunrise, reservations are REQUIRED!!!! Give yourself at least a few hours (especially if you're coming from the west side) before the sun rises to get all the way to the top. It is also FREEZING so be sure to bring warm clothes. Sunset is equally as beautiful, and much less crowded (no reservations needed).

Haleakala at sunrise

Haleakala at sunrise

Paia Town: A super fun, hippy/surfer town with great shops and restaurants. 

Surf lessons: There are a bunch of places to do this in Lahaina, and if you've never tried surfing before, this is a must while you're in Hawaii. 

Upcountry Farmer's Market: Saturdays from 7-11am. The best local farmers market on the island. Tons of fresh, local produce and locally made goods. 

Watch sunset at Honolua Bay: Drive to the north side of the bay, past where everyone is parking and the food trucks/bathrooms are. Go up the hill a bit and turn left down the dirt road and watch sunset from the cliff. Absolutely breathtaking. 

Front Street: Fun to walk around, lots of restaurants, shops, and people watching

Surfing Goat Dairy: Try different types of goat cheeses, enjoy the views, and (my favorite) feed the goats!

Ocean Vodka Distillery: Get a free tour of their eco-friendly distillery and get to try a shot of Ocean vodka + rum. (AMAZING views)


My pick: I might be a little biased, but I LOVE the west side (Ka'anapali, Lahaina, Kapalua, Napili) - anywhere you can find over here will likely be close to the beach, the weather is beautiful pretty much year round, and there is tons to do. However, I think most people agree with me, making these areas some of the most pricy on the island. 

Kihei/Wailea: The south side of Maui, also beautiful, Kihei has some more reasonable options but Wailea tends to be pretty expensive.

Kahului/Wailuku: This is where you'll fly into, and you'll likely find some cheaper Airbnb's over here, but you probably don't want to be staying over here if you don't have to. 

Paia/Haiku: Less touristy, more reasonably priced, close to surfing beaches. Haiku is extremely lush and jungly, Paia is a fun surfer town with shopping, restaurants. 

Upcountry (Makawao/Kula): Less touristy, more reasonably priced, but at least 30 mins from most beaches. Also you can expect it to be quite a bit cooler, temperature-wise. BUT there is still a lot to do and see Upcountry, it is BEAUTIFUL, and you're away from the tourist craziness. Makawao also has a fun town to walk around, check out the restaurants and shopping. 

If you're on a budget, Airbnb's are going to be your best best. Look for ones that have a kitchen so that you can do some of your cooking at the condo. 


Scott's Cheap Flights has been having TONS of killer deals lately, make sure to subscribe and get his updates, whether you want to travel to Hawaii or literally anywhere else. (Not sponsored, I am just obsessed with his deals).

Best time to come: 

April-May, September-November are the best times to come to avoid crowds and high-season rates. But you really can't go wrong, Maui is incredible any time of year :)

Have you been to Maui? What were your favorite activities/restaurants? What did I miss?








Is Beautycounter right for YOUR business? + FAQs (is Beautycounter an MLM?)

Is Beautycounter an MLM.png

I remember my exact thoughts over 1 year ago when I saw all of my Nutritionist friends start promoting Beautycounter. I thought:

Hmm...that sounds intriguing, but I really don't want to become that spammy MLM lady.

Also...I have barely any social media following, who would I sell to?

I have my own business. Would this really be worth it?

...aaaand as you probably guessed, I decided to take the leap over 1 year ago when I partnered with Beautycounter, knowing that it WASN'T going to be the main focus of my business.

I did, however, view it as yet another income stream that allowed me to make money from talking about something I genuinely loved, and being part of a mission I was passionate about.

And since I know that there are a lot of Nutritionists, NTP’s and wellness bloggers who are considering taking the leap into becoming a Beautycounter consultant, I thought i'd rip the veil off what working with Beautycounter looks like in my business, and whether or not it might be right for YOUR business.

I’ll also be answering the most frequently asked questions I get about becoming a Beautycounter consultant. 

Here's what “selling” Beautycounter looks like in my business.

(I use quotes around "selling" because I view my partnership with Beautycounter as sharing with and solving problems for my audience rather than selling.)

  • About 1x a week i’ll do an Instagram story about my skincare/makeup routine 
  • Occasionally i’ll write blog posts/e-mails to my list about the products I use to keep my hormonal acne at bay and how I was able to lighten up my sun spots and weird “sun mustache” without resorting to hydroquinone (<<< scary shit)
  • A few times a year i’ll host a "social" (i.e. a Beautycounter party) like the one I did with my mom most recently during my trip to Colorado. Keep in mind I don't have many in-person contacts here in Maui, and the only other social i've done was on Facebook live (<<< super fun by the way, and great for anyone who has an online/social media presence)
  • Occasionally i’ll send out free samples to the first 10 or so people that DM me after seeing my Instagram post/story. (<<< People LOVE free samples and are usually hooked after trying them, which turns them into customers)


Things I don't do to promote Beautycounter:

  • I don't post about Beautycounter on my personal Facebook page or text my old friends from high school, or DM people on Facebook/Instagram (<<< although these methods TOTALLY work for some people, just not my style).
  • I don't stress about hitting monthly minimums.
  • I don’t stress about recruiting people (if they come to me, awesome!)
  • I don’t feel pressure from my team to sell a certain amount, or even sell anything, period. This works well for me, because I HATE being told what to do. (#Rebel)
  • I simply share which products I love and have genuinely worked for me. I even share which products DON'T work for me, and why. (The cleansing balm wasn't my favorite. Too heavy for my acne prone skin.)


Stop selling. Start solving. - Zig Ziglar

Honestly, I focus on my online courses and 1:1 business clients 95% of the time, and those things will always be the priority of my business. 

But, part of having a personal brand is sharing the things/products/makeup/food/books etc. that I truly LOVE with my audience, and for me, Beautycounter is one of those things.'s just a fun, feminine, girly outlet for me. Who doesn't like talking about makeup and skincare with their girlfriends?

High-quality, non-toxic makeup that WORKS? Sign me up. 



Becoming a Beautycounter consultant FAQ:

Is Beautycounter an MLM?

Ahhh yes the most common question I get about Beautycounter to date. Is Beautycounter an MLM? The truth is…no. Beautycounter is not technically an MLM. It is considered “direct retail” because you don’t HAVE to buy the products through a consultant. In fact, we even have partnerships with retailers like Goop, J. Crew and Target that really set Beautycounter apart as a business and stand out from the MLM crowd. Beautycounter CAN, however, appear as an MLM because as a consultant, you do have the opportunity to build a team under you. Learn more about the ins and outs of everything direct retail and why Beautycounter is not an MLM by watching this video. 

*Side note: MLM’s get a bad rap because of the actions of certain people who join those MLMs, not the businesses themselves.…don’t spam your Facebook friends over messenger, or text old friends you haven’t talked to in years about your new “business” and you’ll be fine :)

Afraid your friends will judge you for starting a side hustle? Hmmm…I think this says more about their own career unhappiness than it does about you. I imagine if I were still stuck in a 9-5 job I hated and one of my old friends was traveling the world, spending more time with her kids, or working from home all thanks to sharing her favorite beauty products online, I might be a hater too. 

Do you have to hit a monthly minimums?

No monthly minimums! You do have to hit $1200 in sales every 6 months however, to stay “active”. This sounds like a lot, but even if you only do 1 social every six months and that's it, this number is easy to hit. 

Is Beautycounter vegan?

Not entirely, although most Beautycounter products are vegan. Here’s a blurb from their website about whether or not Beautycounter products are vegan:

"Most of our products do not contain ingredients sourced from animals, such as musks, oils, and egg- and milk-derived ingredients. There are a few exceptions: lanolin, carmine, fish oil and beeswax; the products we use these in are listed below.” 

To learn more about which Beautycounter products are NOT vegan, click this link and they list them all out for you. 

How much does it cost to sign up to become a Beautycounter consultant?

It costs $85 to sign up as a Beautycounter consultant. And no, you don’t have to purchase any of the starter sets to get started. I started with only the charcoal bar and mask, thats it! But the benefit of purchasing a starter kit upon enrolling is #1 they are deeply discounted from the normal price, and #2 You get to try a bunch of different products, photography/video them for social media, sample them out, etc. (Great for insta stories!)

How much money can you make as a Beautycounter consultant?

The answer to this question, as you may have guessed, is completely variable. There are some women that sign up just for their own discount, and make enough extra cash each month to fund their habit (yes, you make commission on your own purchases!). At the other end of the spectrum are people like Arsy from Rubies and Radishes who have put in the time and effort to not only products to sell to their own contacts, but also build a team, and she is making 6 figures a year. Talk about #Goals.

But to give you a more personal example, i’ve been a consultant now for a little over a year, and to be honest I don’t put a lot of effort into promoting Beautycounter. My online business courses and clients take priority in my business 95% of the time, because that’s where I make the bulk of my money. But having said that, with weekly insta stories and occasional emails to my list only, I average a few hundred bucks a month in commission. Not bad for a fun side hobby. (And that number is before I started growing my team!)

What is the Beautycounter consultant discount?

As a consultant you get a 25% off discount (including your own purchases!).

What is Beautycounter's commission structure for consultants?

As a consultant you start at 25% commission, but that percentage increases (up to 35%!) based on how much you sell each month.

What is the difference between being a Beautycounter Band of Beauty member and a Consultant?

The Beautycounter band of beauty rewards program is for people who love Beautycounter products but do not want to become a consultant. It is a 29$ yearly membership that gives you free shipping on orders over $100, 15% product credit on all purchases, and a free gift upon sign up. Learn more about the Beautycounter Band of Beauty program here

Can you be successful if you don’t have a social media following?

YES! Actually, i'd say that if you have a lot of in person contacts (friends, family, colleagues) your chance of quickly growing you business and selling a hefty amount of product is much higher. There's nothing quite as powerful as talking about safer skincare, in person, with your friends and family members. 

Can you be successful without in-person contacts?

That being said, I became a consultant right after I moved to Maui...meaning, I knew pretty much no one. All I had at the time was a few hundred Instagram followers and a supportive Mom. But I was still able to make it work and grow my client list without having to spam old FB friends. 

Want to talk 1:1 to see if Beautycounter would be a good fit for your business? Schedule a chat with me below!

WHY Beautycounter?

The answer to this question is obviously personal to me, and your reason for becoming a Beautycounter consultant could be completely different. But I decided to take this opportunity for a few reasons:

  1.  The products work. And as anyone who has ever struggled with hormonal acne knows, I was ready to do just about anything to clear up the painful, embarrassing cysts on my face, even if that meant chemical treatments (Yikes). I'm seriously lucky I never had to go that route though, thanks to these products.


       2. Beautycounter is all about education first. They are not out to scare you that your current skin cream is going to give you cancer, but they are very adamant about informing consumers about the lack of regulation in the beauty industry, and WHY safer skincare is important.  



       3. Beautycounter uses a rigorous screening process to make sure their products meet the highest standards for safer beauty, and they are transparent in all they do. They also use the highest quality sourcing as possible yet still insure their products are high preforming and department store quality. 


       4. They sell ocean-safe sunscreen that smells incredible. No brainer. 

What is the biggest reason that I choose to become a consultant? Honestly? Nothing more than the fact that I like the products, I use them myself, and I like to share things I love with you guys! Selling skincare and makeup will never be the focus of my business, but it does give me a fun, girly, and social outlet that I enjoy, and it helps pay my bills too, which is just an added perk #girlsgottaeat


Want to chat about what products are right for your skin type, or how you can incorporate Beautycounter into your business? Schedule a free session below!

What questions do you still have about Beautycounter? Leave them below!


How to travel the world without a 9-5 // Minimalist travel

How to travel the world without a 9-5.png

How to travel the world without a 9-5 | Minimalist living

As some of you who follow my Instagram stories may have heard, Erik and I recently bought our tickets to Thailand! So I thought this would be the perfect occasion to talk about how i'm able to travel the world (without a 9-5 job) thanks to a combination of minimalist living Today i’m going to be talking about how i’m able to travel frequently without a 9-5 job, using a combination of minimalist living and online business - and my top tips for making this a possibility for you, too.

First, let me just start by saying that traveling is one of the TOP priorities in my life, meaning I would literally be willing to do just about anything if it meant I could travel frequently. And I think this is precisely why i’ve been able to make it happen. So before you listen to any of the other tips i’m going to give you in this video, first ask yourself your “why”. WHY do you want to quit your 9-5 job, why do you want to embrace minimalist living? I promise if you have a strong enough why, you can make anything you want happen.

I promise if you have a strong enough "why", you can make ANYTHING happen. 

And remember, the digital nomad lifestyle (like the one I promote and practice myself) isn't just for Instagram celebrities or people who got "lucky." But it does take a few simple shifts and it isn’t always as glamorous as it might seem.

Tip #1 for being able to travel the world without a 9-5: Go tiny

For myself and my husband, this means living in a 120-square-foot tiny house in Maui - which cut our  previous cost of living by nearly a third. A smaller space also means smaller electric, rent, and water bills- and way less room to accumulate junk we don't need. It also means no TV or cable bill, hardly any furniture, or kitchen appliances. Sometimes living in a tiny house means working from my "office" (aka my car) when I need a quiet space, but this is a small price to pay to avoid sitting in a cubicle for 40 hours a week, in my opinion.

Tip #2: Live a minimalist lifestyle.

Living in a tiny space means that I physically only have space for a few different outfits. I make sure that every piece of clothing I own has a function, and is something I wear often otherwise I donate it.  I also rarely spend money on new clothes, unless something becomes ripped or worn out. I never buy frivolous items that I don't need, and I save on daily expenses by cooking most of my own meals and preparing my own coffee replacement, dandy blend.

Want to learn more about minimalist living? Join the free #makingaminimalist challenge

This doesn't mean that I'm depriving myself, though. On special occasions, I'll treat myself to massages and specialty organic food items because these are two things that are ALSO priorities to me, they just don't need to be a daily occurrance.

Tip #3 Seek out free entertainment

Embracing minimalist living means I don't spend a lot of money going out to eat, going to the movies, shopping, or doing other costly activities. Instead, my husband and I seek out free fun in the form of surfing, swimming, hiking, and playing at the beach, saving our money for more exciting things like great airfare.

Pro tip - go sign up for Scotts cheap flights if you haven’t yet - thats how I get alerted on cheap flights pretty much daily (and how we scored $200 a piece airfare from LA to Bangkok)

Tip #4 Pay for everything in cash (except travel).

So it’s Safe to say that most of us (myself included) have felt "trapped" financially at some point. I used to feel tied to my house payment, car payments, and debt, so I totally get it. However, once I began buying only things that I could actually afford and pay for with cash, it became significantly easier to not only save money but pay off the existing debt that I still owed. Paying for my used car in cash also means I now have no monthly car payment and a significantly cheaper insurance bill each month. BUT Travel is the only thing I'll charge on a card points. Enough said.

Lastly, tip #5 is to create a Create a location-independent business.

Up until this point of the blog post, i’ve only really talked about the minimalist living part of the equation of how I afford to travel without a 9-5 job. But the truth ism those trips have to be funded somehow, so I recommend that if you truly want freedom in every sense of the word, to start an online business.  And luckily there are now countless ways to make an income online by harnessing your unique passions, skills, and talents. Package these up into a product, program, or course, or service you can sell online - and boom! you can make money from wherever you are!

Of course there are A LOT more steps involved in making that successful and an online business like this definitely wont make you rich overnight, but it is the best way, in my opinion, to serve the world, make money, have the freedom to travel, and have fun at the same time.

So now that you know exactly how I travel the world without a 9-5, you might be interested in making some of these same changes in YOUR life, which is why I want to invite you to the free 5 day making a minimalist challenge that you can sign up for below. Once you join, you’ll get 5 days worth of email and video lessons from me, plus a 60 minute masterclass on the exact steps to take to embrace minimalism and create the freedom to travel the world in YOUR own life.

Are YOU able to travel the world without a 9-5? What are your best minimalist travel hacks/tips? Tell me below!



Video more your thing? Watch "How to travel the world without a 9-5 (and get paid!)" Below!