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Screw the 9-5.

Share your passion for nutrition, help others heal, and create the freedom to live your dream life. 


How can I inspire you?


 Want to eat real food?

Say goodbye to dieting for good and learn how to make eating real food simple and attainable.

Ready to heal acne naturally?

Heal your acne in 30 days by nourishing, healing, balancing and detoxing the body - no RX required.

Want to share your passion with others?

Get my tips for creating an online nutrition business that is authentic and profitable.

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Hi! I'm Amie.

I help women (like you!) increase energy levels by adding IN nutrient dense foods (greens! collagen! healthy fats!) and taking OUT vibe-killers like gluten, dairy, sugar, and other processed and refined foods.



Want to eat Paleo without stressing over every carb?


Real Food S.O.S: The 7 Day Course Includes:

PDF food lists + Grocery guide

Why You failed at Paleo before

Daily instruction + education

5 Ways Paleo can change your life

Community support + Q&A



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