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Addicted to coffee? HAngry between meals? Insomnia, acid reflux and sluggish metabolism?

It's Not You. It's Adrenal Fatigue.  


How can I inspire you?


 Want to eat real food?

Learn how to transition to a real-food diet without blowing your budget or avoiding social events.

Ready to heal acne naturally?

Heal your acne in 30 days by nourishing, healing, balancing and detoxing the body - no RX required.

Want to share your passion with others?

Get my tips for creating an online nutrition business that is authentic and profitable.

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Hi! I'm Amie.

I help women (like you!) increase energy levels by adding IN nutrient dense foods (greens! collagen! healthy fats!) and taking OUT vibe-killers like gluten, dairy, sugar, and other processed and refined foods.



Want to eat Paleo without stressing over every carb?


Real Food S.O.S: The 7 Day Course Includes:

PDF food lists + Grocery guide

Why You failed at Paleo before

Daily instruction + education

5 Ways Paleo can change your life

Community support + Q&A



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