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Even NTP’s need a reset once and awhile.

If you’ve been following along on my instagram stories lately, you know that i’ve been in vacation/relaxation/celebration mode for the past few weeks. My family came to visit, and then we took a trip to Kaua’i, which was freaking incredible (travel post coming soon!).

This also meant eating less-than-optimally, too much Kona coffee, (daily) cocktails, and a lack of sleep paired with TONS of activities.

If i'm being honest, i'm a little drained. 

Don’t get me wrong, trips like this are what life is all about and I don’t feel “guilty” in the slightest. But my body IS craving a reset on all levels - nutritional, sleep, self-care, mindfulness and more.

Anyone else feel like this?

To me, listening to my body means indulging in local food, drinking delicious cocktails by the beach, and sacrificing sleep in order to fit in more fun activities…

But, it also means getting back into a routine, prioritizing sleep, and upping my intake of healing nutrients once my body starts asking for it. 

If I were to let these habits continue for longer than a few weeks (like I did in the past), I KNOW that I would find myself in the depths of adrenal fatigue again - feeling exhausted, moody, reliant on caffeine and simply not as epic as I know I can feel. 

This is why I think it is SO important to get honest with ourselves once and awhile and take inventory of the foods, drinks, habits, and lifestyle factors we are using as a CRUTCH to make it through each day.

When was the last time you tried to make it through a full day without caffeine?

For example, when was the last time you tried to make it through a full work day + have time for yourself, WITHOUT relying on coffee, sugar, or some other stimulant?

When was the last time you checked in with your body before a workout, instead of just “pushing through it”?

When was the last time you said “no” to time and energy-sucking obligations because they were draining you both physically and mentally?

(it’s been awhile for me, too...)

...And here’s the best part!

I am SO excited to announce the FREE 5 Day Adrenal Fatigue Detox Challenge that i’ve put together with the help of two of my blogger/nutritionist besties, Andrea and Dana.


The 5 Day Adrenal Fatigue Detox Challenge - join now!

#AFDETOX announcement.jpg

Keep reading for details :)


Full time jobs. Side hustle. Relationships. Kids. Finances. Mortgage payments. Debt. Intense workouts. Daily caffeine intake. Reliance on sugar. Lack of sleep. Prescriptions and chronic inflammation. Are you tired yet? 

The result of all these chronic stressors is a wide variety of symptoms that vary from person to person, best described by the term "Adrenal Fatigue". 

Adrenal fatigue is the syndrome that describes the unwanted symptoms that occur due to improper hormonal output from the adrenal glands.

Adrenal Fatigue leads to the depletion and malfunction of nearly every body system: the gut, your hormones, your brain function, your sex drive, and your skin. (Which means a stressed out body can lead to everything from infertility to weight gain to acne. Seriously. This is why we decided to make a whole challenge around the topic.)


What is this challenge about?:

The Adrenal Fatigue Detox will be a 5 day challenge aimed at identifying the causes (and extent) of your adrenal fatigue, plus a simple roadmap to starting your Adrenal Fatigue recovery. Once you sign up, you will receive a daily email with a new prompt + video!

Here’s what we’ll be covering during the 5 days:

  • Day 1: Detox your diet (The foods you must remove if you want to heal from Adrenal Fatigue + a printable food list!)

  • Day 2: Detox caffeine (How to do it, WHY you must, plus tasty substitutions!)

  • Day 3: Detox your Exercise routine (Sometimes less is more)

  • Day 4: Detox your stress level (how and why to remove daily stressors)

  • Day 5: Detox your mind (removing your perfectionistic mindset and body obsession)


When it starts:

April 17th! Sign up now!

What you’ll get:

Each day will include a written AND video lesson (whichever way you prefer to learn), an e-mail sent directly to your inbox (with instructions for that day) + a workbook with daily action steps that will get you 1 step closer to healing your adrenal fatigue and regaining the energy to do epic shit (without relying on sugar or caffeine).

How to participate:

It's super easy. Just sign up HERE and we'll send you everything you need to have a successful challenge!

Also be sure to join the Facebook group here to keep the discussion going and ask me, Andrea, and/or Dana any questions you have during the challenge! 


Share this post with a friend who is tiredAF (he,he) so you can complete the challenge together!

We want everyone to have an accountability partner for the entire 5 days! (You can also ask in the private Facebook group if you still need one!)

Use the hashtag #AFdetoxchallenge on all of your social media posts!


Who is this challenge for?


This challenge is for you if:

  • You can barely pay attention at work and school

  • Exhausted all day and wired all night

  • Stuck in the ON position, can’t relax

  • Your hormones are all over the place (missed periods, crazy PMS)

  • Addicted to exercise, coffee, and stress

  • Your anxiety and depression is getting worse

  • Trouble losing weight

  • Crazy cravings for salt and sugar

  • Are constantly thinking about improving the way your body looks

  • Cystic acne

  • Hair falling out

  • Fluid retention, feeling puffy

  • Wake up feeling like you are “hungover” even when you didn’t drink


Who the Adrenal Fatigue Detox Challenge is not for:

  • You have tons of energy to do all the things you love

  • You sleep well at night

  • Hormones are like clockwork

  • No digestive problems

  • Clear skin

  • You already feel like unicorn


Join the challenge now!

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